First Filter Service Ltd. offers Renu filter washing services, custom filter manufacturing, battery core recycling and battery testing.

Renu Air Filter Cleaning Service

Air Filters are used to protect against dirt, water, or other contaminants that could cause equipment failure. Renu will restore your filter to serviceable condition at a fraction of the cost to replace it, typically saving you between 50 and 66% of the cost of a new filter. If the filter cannot be cleaned satisfactorily, or if the filter is damaged, you will not be charged.

Custom Filter Manufacturing

We have excellent working relationships with a number of custom filter manufacturers in Canada and the US. We regularly bring in custom filters for blower systems, hydrovac trucks, and other industrial filtration systems. Contact us for a quote on your custom filter requirement.

Battery Core Recycling

If you have old automotive batteries at your home or business, bring them to us for recycling. Our current rates for scrap batteries are:

Powersport/U1 (Garden tractor) : $5 each

Automotive: $10 each

Group 31 class: $20 each

Group 4D/4DLT class: $40 each

Group 8D class: $50 each

Battery Testing

If you think your battery is not performing to the standard it should be, we can test the battery for you and help you select a replacement if necessary.

Filter/Battery Survey

Click this link to download a PDF version of our Filter and Battery Survey. Helpful for organizing and making a shopping list.

SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) Battery Size Chart

Click this link for our sortable SLA size chart.

Powersports Battery Size Chart

Click this link for our sortable Powersport Battery size chart.

Honda CR-V Battery Upgrade

Click this link for information on how to upgrade your Honda CR-V battery.