Renu Filter Washing

RENU Air Filter Washing Service

Air Filters are used to protect against dirt, water, or other contaminants that could cause equipment failure. The RENU filter washing system will restore your filter to serviceable condition at a fraction of the cost to replace it.  The typical savings are between 50 and 66% of the cost of a new filter.  We have been providing RENU filter washing services since 1974 and we are very proud to have the same staff member washing filters with us for over 30 years!  Not all filter washing is done the same way, at First Filter we use the RENU filter cleaning system which is a wet process.  This means that your filter is cleaned with water and soap, rinsed, dried and then inspected.   We inspect each filter to ensure that the filter has no holes or defects and has good air flow. Each filter receives a more detailed inspection than a new manufactured filter.

We cannot clean filters through our filter washing process if the filter is damaged, has carbon in it, or has mold.  Also not all air filters are washable, either due to the filter design, or the media used for filtration.  We do not offer any sort of service for low efficiency filters (K&N type.) Please bring in any filter that you would like us to try and we can either tell you on the spot whether or not it’s cleanable or try cleaning it and let you know the result.

Any filter that does not pass inspection for any reason is immediately tagged and discarded. This is done to ensure that a rejected filter is never placed back into use accidentally. You are not charged for any filter that does not make it though our filter cleaning process, you only pay for good, cleaned filters.

The RENU process includes the following:


We have been washing filters for the Saskatoon and Saskatchewan market since 1969. We have used a number of cleaning systems over the years and we have found the RENU system to consistently provide the best results. We do contract cleaning for many other companies throughout Saskatchewan, so even if you’ve never heard of us, if you have had filters cleaned there is a chance that we are the ones who actually did the cleaning.

We’ve heard lots of misconceptions about filter cleaning over the years. Here are a few of the more common ones:

Misconception: Washing a filter ruins the paper.

Reality: Heavy duty filter media is resin treated to resist water. If you’ve ever driven or used your equipment in the rain your filter has gotten wet. Better quality paper holds up better, but any heavy duty filter should be able to withstand the RENU process.

Misconception: Cleaning a filter shortens the life of the filter.

Reality: Depends on which life you’re talking about – the dirt holding capacity or the life of the actual filter media. The dirt holding capacity is restored to nearly 100% with the RENU process so your filter will hold virtually the same amount of dirt as a new one. One of the main reasons we’ve stuck with the RENU process is how gentle it is on the filter media, the current record for number of cleanings on a single filter is 32!

Minconception: “Filtercake”.

Reality: You may or may not be familiar with this term, but other filter cleaning systems claim this a a desirable side effect of their cleaning. In effect, they leave “filtercake” on the filter to increase efficiency. We have a term for “filtercake” – dirt. Your filter is still dirty if there is “filtercake” on it. This is not a desirable addition to your filter and will significantly shorten the dirt holding capacity. Occasionally we will run into contaminants that are not water soluble, usually straw or sand. We remove straw either by hand with tweezers or with a shop vac. Sand not removed by the machines is removed with a shop vac as long as it’s on the dirty side of the filter. If there is any amount of sand on the clean side, the filter is rejected and discarded.

Misconception: All filter cleaning is bad because I had a filter cleaned at Joe’s Local Filter Cleaners and Taxidermy.

Reality: There are many different filter cleaning systems and many different operators of each system. Our machines are very much capable of terrible results with a poor operator at the controls. We’ve been doing this for 50 years now and our main operator has over 30 years of experience with us. We have had several customers switch to other filter cleaning companies for one reason or another and they always end up back with us!